Infrastructure planning and building

We plan and build passive cable networks by our engineer team owning several manufacturer’s examinations and decades-old professional experience. We negotiate our plans not only with our clients but the architectural and building machinery planners of the given site so as to ensure our systems working reliably, problem free, being in line with the local conditions.

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Network operation

The answer of today for the increased number of developing and operational IT tasks at companies is outsourcing. By this way support services get into the hands of experts and as a consequence, companies can focus on their main activities. Proactive monitoring of our high availability systems allows us early detection and signalling of most of the failures. Depending on demand, we can even replace the faulty equipment in a few hours time.

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System integration

Our target is to find the most effective solutions for our partners and to assist their operation. Our colleagues have decade-old experience on system integration in corporate and service provider environment, their expertise is certified by manufacturer’s qualifications and certificates.

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Full-scale telephone platform

By our telephone system available as dedicated hardware configuration or as a service, we offer a service for our partners that fits the requirements of the 21th century. The RouTEL telephone platform supports the most modern services and protocols.

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Camera Systems

The analog camera systems are now increasingly being replaced by more advanced, professional IP-based camera systems. There is hardly a company where some systems do not work or they do not want to expand in the future, or possibly in the short term to replace the outdated system is a completely new recoverable in the long term to operate, but investment point of view. Our company has many years of experience proved a useful helpmate to design, constructing, maintening and operation of such systems and supporting them.

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