Network operation  

The answer of today for the increased number of developing and operational IT tasks at companies is outsourcing. By this way support services get into the hands of experts and as a consequence, companies can focus on their main activities. Proactive monitoring of our high availability systems allows us early detection and signalling of most of the failures. Depending on demand, we can even replace the faulty equipment in a few hours time.

Full-scale maintenance  

  • system supervision  
    • proactive and reactive system-supervision  
    • alarming  
    • configuration  management
  • performance monitoring  
    • monitoring of the devices, services and the operational features of the network
      • ensuring spares and replacements in 24 hours
      • doing regular, pre-planned or preventive maintaining tasks
      • maintaining devices and the software configuration, tracking topology.
      • keeping touch with international or home service suppliers
      • manufacturer’ support and escalation  
      • training with personalized topics
      • management solutions- availability and troubleshooting levels according to the needs  
      • 24/7 hotline accessibility  
      • professional support for the internal projects

Case study


  • PR-Telecom Plc. 
  • Tarr Ltd. 
  • Linde Gáz Hungary Plc. 
  • Magyar Suzuki Plc.
  • National Pension Insurance Directorates