Camera Systems 

The analog camera systems are now increasingly being replaced by more advanced, professional IP-based camera systems. There is hardly a company where some systems do not work or they do not want to expand in the future, or possibly in the short term to replace the outdated system is a completely new recoverable in the long term to operate, but investment point of view. Our company has many years of experience proved a useful helpmate to design, constructing, maintening and operation of such systems and supporting them. 
But what needs to cover these systems are capable of? Measure is not exhaustive of the few: 
  • Banks, Financial Institution protect
  • Establishment of surveillance systems for the Suppression of Crime
  • Protection of logistics, transport and trading companies
  • Development of sports facilities, stadiums, security
  • Hotels, restaurants Protection
  • Moving vehicles developed surveillance systems (speedometer)
  • Tolls, implement monitoring systems to pay toll
  • Protection of parking lots, license plate recognition (ANPR system)
  • Office buildings and plants protection
  • Measurement of the speed of moving vehicles 
These cameras are connected to the IP network computing almost without exception, allowing the transmission of images from virtually all corners of the world. Transmission of images, in recent years several standard is very effective, while providing high image quality encoding technique has been developed which efficiently uses the available bandwidth information, and at the same time long-term storage is also provided. The management of IP-based systems are becoming more powerful software are available to the camera screen of too many other functions are provided. These include ensuring the camera remote control of (for PTZ cameras), display charts, in some emergency situations (mass formation, fight, wrong way advanced automobile, forgotten luggage, stolen merchandise, tripwire detection etc.). Automatic detection and operators warned. The video surveillance system operators handling other time-consuming activities, the recordings of a given scene retrieval. The systems offer a number of advanced automated assistance in this. More and more aspects and parameters are available, which is based on the search of a few frames can be found in thousands of hours of recording time at all. Intelligences such as image recognition also allow searches to a specific license plate fragment corresponding colored cars or given back to the system searches for the recording. The IP-based video surveillance systems, perfectly matched to other management software, and provide a very high degree of integration, allowing a minimum number of employees overall safety oversight of a larger object. 
The logistics installations, continuous storage warehouse on the high volume and high-value commodities, loading and removal. The stores provide a temporary location for the stockpile, which usually spend only a few hours or a few days away from the powerful shelving. Due to the design of high-speed rotation of the logistics centers monitoring system is a complex task. Primary consideration the protection of the stored goods, the product handling process to monitor and keep away from unauthorized persons. 
Manufacturing companies, today there is a need, that the quality requirements of video surveillance linked documented and stored in accordance with legal regulations. This means, for example, to say, a car parts manufacturing company captures the entire process of production mechanism and, if quality problems arise can trace it back together with other data related to manufacturing. This speeds up the quality control work, and as such a very important factor at the time of the error fixing - think of a series production product, a great deal of time and, along with a significant cost saving for the company. 
Our company prefers among producers Intellio, Samsung, Hikvision's products, but of course other experts, corresponding to the ONVIF standard products are also installed on competence, and maintained in support of their operation, up to 0-24 hours service provision. In case of Router Networking Ltd. The demand by developing start-up and operation of networks of cameras needed, whether it be copper or optical network or Wi-Fi.